Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective

Inspired by his residency in Trondheim (Norway), Jesse founded the Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective in 2017. In a continuing co-operation, various musicians from the cities of Rotterdam and Trondheim work together in constantly changing formations. That way, repertoire and line-up will vary per concert, which creates a fruitful collaboration between the Dutch and Norwegian jazz scene and their young generation of musicians.

Musicians that joined the Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective for one or several occasions, are a.o. Julian Haugland, Simon Ă–vinge, Willem Romers, Dirk de Nijs, Elias Tafjord, Jetse de Jong, Jonathan Ho, Jens Meijer and Philip Edwards Granly.

The next tour of the Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective is expected to take place in spring 2021.