Jesse Schilderink (1995) is a Rotterdam-based saxophonist and composer, mainly active in the scene of instrumental and improvised music. Being part of a large number of projects and bands, Jesse shows a rapidly growing presence in the Dutch music landscape. His broad musical interest ensures an ever-evolving way of playing, writing and creating. Unafraid of experimentation and constantly trying to push his personal boundaries, Jesse is always thinking ahead.


As a saxophonist he can be heard with Peter Somuah Group, Alessandro Fongaro's Pietre, Emiresmiaton, Paradox Jazz Orchestra, Dutch Jazz Collective and Pierre Courbois 3GEN3, among others. He is also founder and artistic director of Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective, an ongoing collaboration between musicians from the Netherlands and Norway. At the end of 2022, Jesse will release his first EP under his own name with his double trio; High Intensity Damage Control.


Since 2019, Jesse has been part of the Batavierhuis, a unique maker space for Rotterdam musicians.